Doodles Launches Community-Driven Inkubator

Doodles Launches Community-Driven Inkubator

The Doodles' Community Council unveiled the Inkubator, an initiative to empower its holders with opportunities to grow and expand the brand.

The Deets

  • Inkubator: A platform for Doodles holders to contribute to the community and brand.
  • Events and Experiences: The Inkubator is set to support global events and unique virtual and real-world experiences.
  • Request for Proposals (RFPs): Community members can apply for contracts to bring specific ideas to life, starting with an Artist in Residence program.

The Bulk

Doodles has taken a step towards deepening its community engagement with the introduction of the Inkubator. This platform is designed to provide Doodles holders a chance to participate actively in brand expansion and community enrichment.

Under the umbrella of the Inkubator, a range of activities and opportunities are set to roll out. One such avenue is through global events, and virtual and real-life experiences. This will provide the Doodles holders a chance to build connections, create unforgettable experiences, and promote diversity and inclusivity within the community.

In addition, the Inkubator introduces the concept of Request for Proposals (RFPs), where members can compete for contracts by bringing specific ideas to life. The first RFP under this initiative is the Artist in Residence program, which aims to engage artists from the community in creating GIFs, exclusive art, and more to expand the Doodles brand.

🔜 What's Next?

In the coming weeks, Doodles plans to roll out more features of the Inkubator, including grants, rewards, and additional RFPs. This will ensure an ongoing evolution of the platform, thereby offering its community new opportunities for engagement and creativity.

🎬 Take Action

Do you want to be a part of Doodles' Inkubator initiatives? Whether you have an event idea or want to apply for the Artist in Residence program, visit the Inkubator's official website.

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