DotPigeon Taking Break From NFTs

DotPigeon Taking Break From NFTs

Contemporary artist, DotPigeon, will take a break from NFTs according to a message shared with his Twitter followers on Monday morning. 

The Deets

  • DotPigeon expresses concern over the focus on trends and market dynamics in the NFT space, detracting from the art itself.
  • The artist will return to creating art on canvas, the medium they started their career with.
  • This isn't a permanent departure; DotPigeon will still participate in selected NFT projects in a more targeted and conscious way.

DotPigeon most recently released an open edition and burn mechanic and boasts a strong collection of available works on OpenSea

Why It Matters

DotPigeon's decision to step back from the NFT space highlights the growing concern over the financializiation of digital art and the NFT market's intense focus on speculation. DotPieon joins a growing contingent of artists and collectors emphasizing the need for a healthier balance between art and market dynamics.

🎤 Founder Feedback

I still believe in NFTs potential to change the way we think about and interact with art. However, in the current landscape, there are too many unhealthy dynamics and too much emphasis on sales and gimmicks. This is not the kind of art culture that I want to be a part of.DotPigeon


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