DraftKings Shares More on UFC Reignmakers

DraftKings Shares More on UFC Reignmakers
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DraftKings announced a more detailed roadmap for its upcoming Reignmakers UFC fantasy sports game in a message to its community Discord this afternoon

The roadmap and update provide more information on upcoming pack drops, UFC Octagon Passes, contest prizes, and more. 

Weigh-In Phase, Heatwave Holder Benefits

Recently DraftKings made its UFC Heatwave NFTs available on the DraftKings Marketplace. To reward holders of those NFTs, the fantasy sports platform announced a variety of upcoming benefits on top of its initial "Weigh-In" Phase launch. 

UFC Octagon Passes

Much like the NFL Field Pass NFT, DraftKings is rewarding UFC Heatwave holders with an airdropped Octagon Pass NFT later this year. Each Octagon Pass NFT will make the holder eligible for exclusive contests and benefits, many of which have not yet been named. The airdrop will be provided to holders of the UFC Heatwave set and a snapshot will be taken after UFC 282, which is scheduled to take place on Dec. 10. 

Contest and Purchase Whitelist

DraftKings will also be launching the UFC 281 and UFC 282 contests shortly, whilst opening up a pack purchasing whitelist for all Heatwave NFT holders. The contests for both UFC 281 and 282 will carry at least $100,000 in prizes each and all contests will be available via CORE and RARE rarity tiers, the lowest of the available tiers. All scoring mechanics will operate in the same fashion as UFC daily fantasy contests. 

Weigh-In Packs

Packs will be made available ahead of both UFC 281 and UFC 282 and each will hold five player card NFTs. All 28 of the upcoming fighters will be made available in the Weigh-In packs. While Heatwave holders will have whitelisted pack availability, the public can access the UFC 281 packs on Nov. 5 and UFC 282 packs on Dec. 3. 

All player card NFTs will be usable throughout the 2023 season. 

Genesis Drop and 2023 Launch

While DraftKings is starting with the Weigh-In Phase in 2022, the Genesis Drop will take place in 2023. DK provided a glimpse into the 2023 roadmap, with more details to be unveiled shortly. 

Genesis Drop

The Genesis Drop will take place in early 2023 on the DraftKings Marketplace, with all the top UFC fighters available for purchase. 

Event Packs

Genesis packs will hold top UFC fighters, usable throughout the duration of 2023, but you'll also need some fighter card NFTs for each individual UFC event. Therefore, DraftKings will launch a new event pack for each UFC event, allowing you to add to your collection and pick up notable fighters that are actively participating. 

Expansion and 2023 Roadmap

Very little detail was provided about the 2023 roadmap, but DraftKings did indicate that "gameplay enhancement, including contest structure, format updates, and fighter card trade-in functionality" would be part of the 2023 experience. 

For more on the DraftKings UFC launch, you can listen to DK President and Co-Founder Matt Kalish talk with UFC commentator, Jon Anik.

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