Drift Foundation Announces $DRIFT

Drift Foundation Announces $DRIFT

Drift Protocol introduced $DRIFT, the protocol governance token which aims to shape the future of the world’s largest perpetual futures exchange on Solana.

The Deets

  • Token Role: $DRIFT enables user governance and voting rights.
  • Protocol Growth: From foundational DeFi project in 2021 to $350m TVL and >$20b in volume.
  • Community Focus: Airdrop of 100M $DRIFT tokens to reward community loyalty and participation.
  • DAO Structure: Innovative multi-branch DAO including Realms, Security Council, and Futarchy.

The Bulk

Drift Protocol launched details of its $DRIFT governance token as a cornerstone of its strategy to decentralize decision-making and enhance protocol growth.

This governance structure includes several branches: the Realms DAO focusing on development, the Security Council responsible for upgrades, and the Futarchy DAO which funds projects and grants. 

No official TGE was announced, but at that time 100 million $DRIFT tokens will be available to the community, 10% of the total token supply. 

📊 By the Numbers

Drift Protocol boasts a total value locked (TVL) of $350 million, serves over 180,000 traders, and has handled more than $20 billion in trading volume since its inception.

🎤 Founder Feedbac


The DRIFT token is the first step on Drift's decentralization journey & empowering users to become true stewards of the protocol and to guide its future to become the biggest derivatives exchange in crypto.Drift

🔜 What's Next?

 Details on how to check and claim the $DRIFT airdrop will be announced soon, with further expansions on DAO functionalities and tokenomics to follow.

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