DrifterShoots Shares Nifty Gateway Drop Details

DrifterShoots Shares Nifty Gateway Drop Details

Photographer and NFT artist, DrifterShoots, officially shared details on his upcoming NFT drop with NFT marketplace, Nifty Gateway in a Twitter post on Tuesday

The drop, "Bridging the Gap" will be launched on Nifty Gateway on Sunday, August 21 with a time yet to be announced. 

Three different NFTs will be available, two of which will utilize a ranked auction for 44 and 15 NFTs, requiring minimum bids of $1,000 and $4,000, respectively. 

In order to win an NFT in a ranked auction, a user must submit a bid that meets the minimum bid threshold (for example, $1,000). If the $1,000 bid is within the top-44 bids for that particular auction, the winner will receive the NFT they have bid on. 

However, if the bid of $1,000 falls outside the top 44 bids, they will not be selected as a winner for the ranked auction. Users can monitor the auction leaderboards, and choose whether or not to place a higher bid to increase their chances of winning an NFT. 

Beyond the two ranked auctions, DrifterShoots is also auctioning off a 1/1 NFT with a minimum $60,000 bid. 

More details about the official collection and the time for auctions are expected later this week. 


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