ETH Next for Magic Eden

ETH Next for Magic Eden

Magic Eden announced the launch of its ETH Marketplace beta will take place on Apr. 6, expanding its NFT platform to support a fourth major blockchain.

The Deets

  • Launch of ETH Marketplace beta on Apr. 6.
  • Partnership with 10+ ETH collections for the launch.
  • Royalties respected for all creators on native listings.

The Details

Magic Eden is launching its ETH Marketplace beta on Thursday, Apr. 6, continuing its cross-chain vision to support ETH, Bitcoin, Solana, and Polygon. To celebrate the launch, Magic Eden is partnering with more than ETH collections that will be featured on the platform throughout April. Some of these partners include CryptoNinja Holiday, Hashflow, Realm Hunter, The Space Club, and KaijuKingz.

Magic Eden will respect royalties for all creators on native listings, both new and existing collections. Additionally, for a limited time, they will offer a two percent transaction fee to ETH Launchpad creator partners for six months. The platform aims to support creators in going cross-chain, helping them engage with more audiences across different blockchains.

Why It Matters

This multi-chain expansion of Magic Eden's NFT marketplace is significant for the broader crypto and NFT ecosystems. It facilitates a more seamless user experience across different blockchains and allows creators and collectors to access a wider range of NFTs. By respecting royalties for creators, Magic Eden also supports the growth and sustainability of the NFT market and encourages further innovation in the space. 

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