Etherscan Launches Wallet-to-Wallet Messaging App

Etherscan Launches Wallet-to-Wallet Messaging App

Etherscan launched its Blockscan mobile app, enabling wallet-to-wallet messaging for web3 addresses seamlessly on mobile.

The Deets

  • Chat with any Ethereum address or ENS name using End-to-End Encrypted (E2EE) conversations
  • Access advanced features such as pinned chats, archived chats, and anti-spam protection
  • Push notifications alert users of new messages 🔔
  • Note: E2EE not available for bot chats

The Bulk

The Blockscan Chat Mobile App is the latest addition to the digital communication ecosystem. The app allows users to connect with their preferred mobile wallet and initiate E2EE conversations with any web3 address or ENS name. This ensures privacy and security for users, although it's important to note that E2EE is not applicable for bot-related chats.

The app comes with features like pinned chats, archived chats, and advanced anti-spam protection. To ensure users don’t miss out on any conversation, push notifications can be enabled for new messages.

The potential uses for Blockscan Chat are extensive. From negotiating NFT trades and sending alerts or notifications to one's community, to networking at ETH events, and even cheekily texting an on-chain crush (with the risk of being ghosted!).

Beyond just being a chat platform, Blockscan hints at an upcoming game reveal where users can interact with the app's AI bot and potentially win testnet ETH.

ğŸŽ¬ Take Action

Eager to jump into the future of web3 communication? Download the Blockscan Chat Mobile App on Google Play or the App Store now!

🔜 What's Next?

Keep an eye out! Blockscan has teased a game reveal for tomorrow, where interaction with its AI bot could fetch users some testnet ETH rewards.

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