Fantasy Top Updates Scoring, Features

Fantasy Top Updates Scoring, Features

Fantasy Top announced Heroes Score v0.2, bringing advanced reply indexation, refined Hero Scores variance, and robust anti-botting measures to enhance user engagement. 

The Deets

  • Reply Indexation: Individual assessment of replies, ensuring each holds its unique value.
  • Hero Scores Variance: Adjusted scoring range to allow easier user progression.
  • Anti-Botting Improvements: Enhanced detection to distinguish between bot-driven and genuine interactions.
  • Future UI Features: Planned updates to alert users about potential suspicious activities.

The Bulk

The latest update to Heroes Score v0.2 marks an improvement in the way interactions are managed and valued across crypto Twitter. With the new Reply Indexation, each reply on the platform is evaluated based on its intrinsic merit, allowing for a more nuanced and fair engagement measurement.

Adjustments in Hero Scores Variance mean that participants will find it easier to progress and rank within the community. This change reflects the fast-paced and dynamic nature of crypto-related discussions, recognizing quick shifts and rewarding active engagement more promptly.

Moreover, there are additional Anti-Botting Improvements, enhancing the system's ability to differentiate between bots and real users.

🔜 What's Next?

Looking ahead, the team is set to roll out new UI features that will help users identify and report suspicious activities, further strengthening the community's ability to self-regulate and maintain a healthy interaction ecosystem.

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