Farmers Are Alive

Farmers Are Alive

The Shepherd detailed a handful of new updates to Wolf Game's "full game" on Thursday.

The Deets

The following have been updated per the Shepherd:

  • ENS name display in-game.
  • Farmers have come to life, moving in-game.
  • View the wallets of other players and analyze previous moves.
  • Bathhouse owners can view recharging times. 
  • Sheep/Wolf owners can view the structures in which they are breeding or recharging more easily. 

❗Why It Matters

It seems like so long ago (it wasn't that long ago) that Wolf Game was at the forefront of the conversation in web3...and while it may not be the hot topic, the Shepherd keeps building and the game keeps on keeping on. As simple as that seems, simply operating as intended is a major positive for an industry fraught with failed executions and major delays. The Wolf Game ecosystem has produced a rabid community of low-key players in a highly strategic game, and the continued updates should only further fuel the base. 

🎤 Community Quotes

Oh boy! Things are heating up in the valley!Filthy

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