FIAT Unveils Details About Upcoming FIAT Pass

FIAT Unveils Details About Upcoming FIAT Pass

FIAT® unveiled its FIAT® Pass: a free airdrop aimed at transforming brand loyalty and customer experience in web3.

The Deets**

  • Free Airdrop: Open to all, marking a new era in brand engagement
  • Unique Membership ID: A "social VIN Number" for the FIAT web3 community
  • Exclusive Rewards: Unlock digital and physical perks
  • Dates: Dropping for free on Tuesday, Nov. 21. 

The Bulk

FIAT®, the iconic automotive brand, is making its leap into web3 with the launch of the FIAT® Pass. This unique membership card, reminiscent of a "social VIN number" marks the entry of FIAT® into the world of digital collectibles and customer loyalty.

The FIAT® Pass is an invitation to join a global community where Italian elegance meets modern innovation. This initiative offers a blend of digital and physical rewards that echo the brand's commitment to sustainability and engagement.

FIAT® is leveraging the power of web3 to create a dynamic loyalty program. The FIAT® Pass evolves as holders engage more with the brand, unlocking a variety of fun and sustainable rewards. 

🎤 Founder Feedback

Your FIAT Pass acts as your membership card, dynamically updating as you participate in the FIAT ecosystem, unlocking fun & sustainable rewards.FIAT

🔜 What's Next?

FIAT® has hinted at upcoming major collection announcements for early holders of the FIAT® Pass. 

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