NEW: Floor App Launches NFT Purchases

NEW: Floor App Launches NFT Purchases

The Floor App is introducing a new way to buy NFTs, providing a mobile-first, fiat-first experience via in-app purchases, in compliance with Apple and Google's NFT policies, according to a press release shared with Lucky Trader. 

The Deets

  • Familiar UX: The user experience is designed to be easily accessible.
  • Creator Platform Launch: The app kick-starts an emerging creator platform, getting art enthusiasts closer to the art and artists they adore.
  • Weekly Artist Edition Drops: Starting with Vinnie Hager, Floor will host weekly artist edition drops over the next 10 weeks.
  • Avoids Gas Costs: The app handles gas costs, delivering an exclusive NFT directly to users.

The Bulk

Floor is innovatively integrating NFT purchases into its mobile platform. Unlike other mobile friendly crypto products, Floor offers a user experience that feels familiar and accessible, mirroring those of mainstream apps while catering to the unique aspects of the NFT world.

As part of the launch, Floor is launching its emerging creator platform, bringing artists and art aficionados closer together. The launch is set to include weekly artist edition drops, beginning with a $29.99 edition from the acclaimed Letters artist, Vinnie Hager. 

Moreover, the app bypasses the usual complexities associated with gas costs in the blockchain world. Instead of having users bear the often volatile gas costs, the app will directly airdrop an exclusive NFT to users, effectively making the purchase process smoother and more convenient.

🎬 Take Action

Look forward to Floor's upcoming weekly artist edition drops and get closer to the artists you love. Be on the lookout for their first release from Vinnie Hager next Wednesday, 7/26. Download the app to get started

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