Forbes, Open Campus, and Animoca Brands Partner to Highlight Top Web3 Creators

Forbes, Open Campus, and Animoca Brands Partner to Highlight Top Web3 Creators

Forbes Web3, Open Campus, and Animoca Brands unveil OC100, a competition to spotlight leading web3 educational content creators.

The Deets

  • Collaborative Venture: A unique partnership between media, education, and technology giants.
  • Comprehensive Categories: Eight diverse nomination categories covering all aspects of Web3 education.
  • Prestigious Recognition: Winners gain exposure, networking opportunities, and early access to innovative products.
  • Global Participation: Open to creators worldwide with an Open Campus ID or Moca ID.

The Bulk

Forbes Web3, Open Campus, and Animoca Brands are pioneering a new initiative, OC100, to revolutionize web3 education by recognizing and promoting the top 100 content creators in the field. This collaboration merges the strengths of each organization to create a comprehensive competition that spans multiple phases, including nominations and public voting, leading up to a high-profile announcement of the winners.

The competition is structured around eight nomination categories, designed to encompass the full spectrum of web3 education, from technical development to ethical considerations. This ensures a wide range of content creators, from artists and storytellers to developers and innovators, have the opportunity to be recognized for their contributions to the community.

Winners of the OC100 will receive opportunities for networking, collaboration, and early access to groundbreaking products developed by Open Campus. 

ğŸŽ¤ Founder Feedback

OC100 will help shape the future of learning in the digital age while bringing much-deserved attention to educators for the content they create. We seek to foster a community-driven approach in Web3 education, where innovative creators are recognized and elevated by the community.Yat Siu, Co-Founder and Chairman of Animoca Brands

🔜 What's Next?

The OC100 competition is set to begin with nominations opening on 1 February 2024, followed by public voting. 

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