Fox, Polygon Team Up for Image, Content Verification

Fox, Polygon Team Up for Image, Content Verification

Fox Corporation is embracing blockchain technology with Verify, a Polygon-powered protocol for authenticating media content. 

The Deets

  • Verify: An open protocol for content and image verification.
  • Powered by Polygon PoS: Ensures fast, efficient transaction processing.
  • Provenance and Authenticity: Cryptographically signs content onchain.
  • Open Source: Allows public contributions and modifications.

The Bulk

Fox Corporation, a major player in news and media, announced the launch of Verify, an innovative open protocol designed to establish the authenticity and origin of digital media. Developed by Fox Technology and built on the Polygon PoS blockchain, Verify addresses the increasing challenges posed by AI-generated media.

The platform allows publishers to register their content, which is then cryptographically signed on the blockchain. This process enables consumers to verify the source of media using the Verify Tool. To date, Fox News, Fox Business, Fox Sports, and various Fox TV affiliates have signed over 89,000 pieces of content, ranging from articles to images, on Verify since launching a closed Beta in August. 

In addition to enhancing content authenticity, Verify opens new commercial avenues for media companies. By integrating smart contracts, it allows content owners to set specific conditions for AI platforms accessing their content, effectively managing how their media is used online.

The move to open-source the Verify protocol marks a significant step, inviting public participation in refining and expanding its capabilities. Media companies interested in utilizing Verify can directly engage with the platform, while consumers can use the Verify Tool to ensure the credibility of their digital content sources.

❗️ Why It Matters

As AI-generated content becomes more prevalent, verification tools will become more important for validating authenticity. This initiative may not only combat the proliferation of AI-generated misinformation but also sets a new standard for content verification and ownership. 

🎤 Platform Prose

With the rise of AI tools and AI-generated media, distinguishing truth from lies is difficult. Proving provenance and authenticity of any given piece of content is now more important than ever.Polygon Labs

🎬 Take Action

To explore and utilize the Verify protocol, media companies and consumers can visit the Verify platform

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