Frank and Dust Labs Release NFT Blue, Urge Support for Creators

Frank and Dust Labs Release NFT Blue, Urge Support for Creators
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Frank DeGods and the Dust Labs team announced the launch of NFT Blue last night, a tool and initiative aimed at supporting creators and royalties on Solana. 


To join the initiative and showcase support for creators, Frank urged NFT market participants to turn their PFP into a "star" at

Once on the site, users can connect their Solana wallets and select an NFT to crop into the shape of a star for use on social media, indicating their support of the cause. 

NFT Blue also allows NFT collectors to calculate the amount they've paid in royalties to creators while buying NFTs on Solana. Once you've connected your wallet, the site will automatically calculate the royalty payments provided to the creator of each individual NFT in the wallet. 

The focus on royalty payments is particularly curious coming from Frank and his team, and the community noticed, quickly chiming in to remind Frank that he helped indirectly contribute to the no-royalty structure when he moved his collections to a no-royalty model in October.

Frank addressed those concerns head-on. "The idea that we “pushed” for 0% is simply not true," he said when kicking off a thread on the subject, "We made an independent decision for our own collection & never encouraged any other collection nor marketplace to follow suit. 0 collections moved to 0% after us… but I do believe all of this has accelerated solutions."

Magic Eden, the leading Solana NFT marketplace, has recently shifted to protect royalties for creators after previously making royalties optional

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