fxhash Unveils "Redeemables"

fxhash Unveils "Redeemables"

Fxhash introduced "Redeemables," an innovative framework connecting generative artworks with both on-chain and off-chain actions.

The Deets

  • The framework benefits any generative project on the platform
  • It allows collectors to redeem their token for something else, like a physical print
  • Redeemables extend the horizon of artists' creativity by transforming generative projects into tangible or additional digital assets
  • Token remains in the holder's possession even after redemption

The Bulk

Fxhash is taking a step into the future with their latest development, "Redeemables." This novel framework brings a new dimension of interaction for generative token holders.

"Redeemables" is a unique framework that facilitates the linkage of generative artwork with on-chain and off-chain actions. This development allows any generative project on the platform to activate the redeemable module, offering its holders an opportunity to claim unique rewards tied to their tokens. For instance, they can exchange it for a physical print of the artwork. This feature adds a tangible element to the otherwise purely digital experience of token ownership.

Despite the redemption process, the token remains in the holder's possession. This ensures that the digital artwork stays as a collectible, saleable, and transferable asset even after its physical counterpart has been claimed.

🔜 What's Next?

The public release of "Redeemables" is yet to come. Before that, the Fxhash team is keen on thoroughly testing the feature and covering all basic use cases. However, they are open to early user experimentation and are encouraging interested parties to reach out.

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