Gala Games Shifts NFTs to GalaChain

Gala Games Shifts NFTs to GalaChain

Gala Games plans to migrate reserve and unsold NFT game items from Ethereum to its freshly unveiled GalaChain to negate Ethereum gas fees.

The Deets

  • Relocation: Unbought and reserve NFT game items will move from Ethereum to GalaChain.
  • NFT Mystery Boxes: New tiers featuring unavailable Gala Games Store items. Each box contains three game items.
  • Zero Gas Fees: Items will now be on GalaChain, allowing zero gas fee transactions and minting.
  • Purpose: To enhance web3 functions in games and provide a seamless experience for players.

The Bulk

Gala Games, a pioneer in web3 gaming, aims to give its users a more seamless gaming experience by transitioning NFTs from the Ethereum network to GalaChain. The move addresses two major pain points: Ethereum gas fees and limited web3 functions. These gas fees have been a hurdle for both developers and players, often discouraging engagement and transactions.

In light of this change, Gala Games is introducing NFT Mystery Boxes in various tiers. These boxes, which contain three game items from different titles within Gala's ecosystem, would have been prohibitively expensive to create and distribute due to Ethereum's gas fees. But on GalaChain, these NFTs can be minted, distributed, and revealed with no such costs.

ğŸŽ¤ Founder Feedback

Bringing NFTs from our games onto our own layer 1 blockchain is a huge step forward. These are game items intended to be used and enjoyed without always worrying about bridges and gas– that's what GalaChain is designed for!Jason Brink, President of Blockchain at Gala Games

📊 By the Numbers

The $GALA token is down 4.1 percent in the last 24 hours to $0.02. 

🔜 What's Next?

Gala Games, with its transition to GalaChain, will unveil more features and games that leverage the benefits of its proprietary chain in the near future. 

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