Galxe Unveils Galxe 2.0

Galxe Unveils Galxe 2.0

Galxe unveiled Galxe 2.0, introducing a slew of new features, including a mobile app, Smart Balance, and Web3 Score.

The Deets

  • Galxe Mobile App: A dedicated app to engage with Galxe Campaigns on the go.
  • Smart Balance: A feature to ease token management across multiple blockchains.
  • Web3 Score: A comprehensive rating system to gauge your Web3 status.
  • Token Utility: GAL token will be central to many of these new features.

The Bulk

The cornerstone of Galxe 2.0 is the Galxe Mobile App. Available on Testflight in early Q4, 2023, the app will allow users to engage in Galxe Campaigns seamlessly while on the go. 

Next, the Smart Balance feature addresses the hassle of switching between blockchains and managing gas fees. Users can deposit stablecoins and GAL tokens into their Galxe Smart Balance and credits can then be used for various platform functionalities like gas fees and accessing premium features.

Galxe also introduced Web3 Score, deemed "the FICO score" for your web3 presence. A Web3 Score assesses users on five different aspects: Experience, Fame, Expertise, Asset, and Humanity. This score is a data-backed way of understanding your web3 status, backed by data provider Trusta for reliability.

📊 By the Numbers 

Galxe has already reached impressive milestones: 1 million followers, 12 million unique wallet addresses, and 100 million credentials issued. 

ğŸŽ¤ Founder Feedback

Over the past two years, Galxe has issued 66.62 million Galxe OATs (Onchain Achievement Tokens) and loyalty NFT badges to over 5.5 million unique addresses across 26 blockchains. Now, we are more than ready for the next step.Galxe

ğŸŽ¬ Take Action

Stay tuned for Galxe 2.0 features rolling out soon, starting with the Smart Balance available to everyone in late September 2023.

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