GameStop Airdrops New Achievement NFT to Its Earliest Supporters

GameStop Airdrops New Achievement NFT to Its Earliest Supporters

GameStop rewarded its NFT marketplace's earliest supporters today by airdropping an achievement NFT to 5,000 participants.

The GameStop NFT Beta Launch Pin is a hexagonal badge that reads "GME" and shows a rocketship launching toward the moon. By clicking the badge and dragging the screen, the background rotates to show what looks like Mars and the outerspace sky.

The ERC-1155 token has a floor price of 0.1379 ETH (~$177), it has traded nearly 18 ETH in total sales, and there are currently 80 total listed for sale.

This seems to be the first in a series of achievement NFTs coming for GameStop, but that has not yet been confirmed.

The achievement NFT seems to be going over well with collectors.

"I got one, thank you guys," said one reply on Twitter. 

"Thank you for the drop," said another. "[I] will be keeping it forever."

GameStop's NFT marketplace has been fairly successful since launching in July 2022. Two of its top projects have traded more than $1 million in total volume over the last 30 days.

This is small in comparison to OpenSea's $6.64 million in daily total volume, but it has been more well received than other secondary marketplaces like Coinbase NFT.

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