Hobbs' QQL Mint Pass Coming Sept. 28

Hobbs' QQL Mint Pass Coming Sept. 28

QQL, an upcoming project which is a collaboration between "Fidenza" creator Tyler Hobbs and NFT marketplace founder Dandelion Wist, will hold its mint pass auction on Sept. 28, according to a tweet from Wist on Wednesday.

There will be 900 QQL mint passes auctioned off on Wist's marketplace Archipelago and only holders of the mint passes will be able to mint on Sept. 30. The Dutch auction will start at 50 ETH and drop by the following:

  • 2 ETH every minute until 30 ETH;
  • 1 ETH every minute until 15 ETH;
  • 0.5 ETH until 5 ETH;
  • and 0.2 ETH until the final resting price of 2 ETH.

There will be a rebate for whoever pays more than the final price for the NFT. QQL is "an experiment in collaboration" that lets users explore the artwork's algorithm and change the outputs. The site for the new project will launch Sept. 19.

Wist also said there will be a way to mint a QQL even if a user lacks the ETH to mint.

"More details to come," said Wist who added a link for Hobbs' Discord.

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