Iconic Notorious B.I.G. Contact Sheet Auctioning as NFT

Iconic Notorious B.I.G. Contact Sheet Auctioning as NFT

The original photograph from The Notorious B.I.G.'s iconic contact sheet and an NFT counterpart, titled "THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE," is up for auction by Barron Claiborne, according to a press release shared with Lucky Trader. 

The Deets

  • The photo was selected by Claiborne in 1997 and archived for 26 years.
  • The auction includes both the physical artwork and a digital counterpart on the blockchain.
  • The winner also receives a one-on-one video call with the artist.
  • The auction starts today at 2:00 PM ET, with bidding starting at 50 ETH
  • 40% of the proceeds will be donated to charity

The Bulk

"The Mona Lisa of HipHop," as it's often referred to, "THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE" is a cutout from the original contact sheet, making it a unique artifact of Hip-Hop history. It was initially syndicated by Corbis in 1997 and measures at 6x7 centimeters, featuring film information on its borders. Mislabeling during the process adds an interesting twist - the year was mistakenly marked as 1995.

The winner receives both the physical artwork and its digital version on the blockchain. 

Additionally, the winner gets a unique opportunity for a personal interaction with the artist, Barron Claiborne. During a one-on-one video call, they can learn about the historical moment when the photo of Christopher Wallace was taken, just three days before his tragic passing.

📊 By the Numbers

Bidding for the piece starts at 50 ETH, approximately $95,000. Payments for bids can be made in US Dollars via credit card or in Ether. 

🎤 Founder Feedback

The King of New York photo has become one of the most recognized images in hip hop history...The photo is about legend. It's about being the best. And it's about the mythology created around our greatest heroes when they die young.Vikki Toback

🎬 Take Action:
Interested in owning this piece of Hip-Hop history? The auction for "THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE" is now open for bidding. After the first bid, the auction will expire after 720 hours. Interested parties can participate here.

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