Immutable and Ubisoft Forge Web3 Alliance

Immutable and Ubisoft Forge Web3 Alliance

Immutable is partnering with Ubisoft to innovate gaming with a groundbreaking web3 collaboration.

The Deets

  • New Horizons: A synergistic partnership to enhance gaming experiences
  • Tech Fusion: Combining Ubisoft’s gaming prowess with Immutable’s web3 platform
  • Player-Centric: Aiming to deliver digital ownership to players
  • Experience Focus: Ubisoft to infuse games with Immutable’s decentralized tech for seamless fun

The Bulk

Immutable struck a formidable alliance with Ubisoft, the renowned video game powerhouse. This strategic partnership is set to recalibrate the gaming landscape by embedding Immutable’s web3 technology into Ubisoft’s acclaimed gaming expertise. The collaboration will focus on optimizing the player experience, allowing gamers to immerse themselves fully without the intricacies of the underlying technology impeding their enjoyment.

Nicolas Pouard, the vision behind Ubisoft’s Blockchain Initiative, remarked on the significance of tapping into Immutable’s technological forefront and its knack for integrating decentralized solutions into gaming. This partnership stands as a testament to Immutable’s success, highlighted by their impressive Immutable zkEVM TestNet and engaging game demonstrations, setting a precedent for future web3 gaming endeavors.

ğŸŽ¤ Founder Feedback


This partnership with Ubisoft marks a defining moment for Immutable. We are committed to maximizing our ecosystem to revolutionize the player experience in the web3 realm.James Ferguson, Immutable CEO

🔜 What's Next?

Keep an eye out for developments as Immutable and Ubisoft unveil new gaming experiences that are bound to redefine the essence of digital ownership and fun in gaming.

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