Insrt Announces Perpetual Mints

Insrt Announces Perpetual Mints

Insrt aims to revolutionize the NFT market with its soon-to-launch Perpetual Mints, a novel mechanism for the on-demand minting of any asset as an NFT.

The Deets

  • Perpetual Mints: A new model enabling constant, real-time NFT minting
  • Oracleless System: A real-time probabilistic auction system, void of oracles and price risks
  • Unlocking Liquidity: Asset holders can monetize their assets without the traditional risks associated with NFTs
  • Launching in September 2023: Developed by a seasoned team, Perpetual Mints will deploy on Arbitrum with LayerZero's assistance

The Bulk

Insrt hopes to shake up the NFT landscape with its latest innovation, Perpetual Mints. This system provides a continuous minting platform, allowing users to create NFTs from any asset in real time. Designed as an oracle-less system, Perpetual Mints feature real-time probabilistic auctions, eliminating the need for price oracles and their associated risks.

Addressing a gap in the market, Perpetual Mints cater to asset holders looking to unlock the value of their holdings without price risk, oracle risk, or the need to repay principal and interest. The process is simple: users choose the likelihood of retaining their asset, and presto, they're generating fees.

The imminent launch of Perpetual Mints aligns with the company's mission to create an accessible platform for individuals to acquire expensive, rare, or unique items. At the same time, it empowers owners and creators of these assets to generate returns and attract attention, without resorting to financial leverage.

As an example, Bob can participate in a mint for a Fidenza. The mint has a fixed price set by the depositor. Bob will either win that Fidenza, or receive a Common / Rare reward, which may be fractional exposure, new art, or other rewards. All of this happens in real time.Insrt

🎬 Take Action

Look out for the launch of Perpetual Mints this September. Stay tuned for the exciting possibilities this innovation brings to the NFT world.

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