Jackson 5 Collectible Coming This Week

Jackson 5 Collectible Coming This Week

Access to Michael Jackson's first-ever recording with the Jackson 5 will soon be available as an NFT via anotherblock

The Deets

  • Open Edition: Priced at $25, featuring “Big Boy (One-derful Version)” with unseen stems and a digital vinyl b-side.
  • Limited Edition: At $100, includes all from Open Edition plus unique artwork and 8 more rare tracks from 1967.
  • Editorial Bonus: “Making of a King” series as a collectible PDF.
  • Sales Start: Expected to go live on Dec. 7 and open for 48 hours.

The Bulk

The Jackson 5's first song “Big Boy,” initially recorded in 1967, remained a hidden gem until now, according to anotherblock, which is bringing it to the blockchain. This exclusive release not only features the original “Big Boy (One-derful Version)” but also provides never-before-heard stems, offering a glimpse into the Jackson 5’s early days.

The open edition package, available for just $25, includes a rare track and an editorial PDF titled “Making of a King,” chronicling Michael Jackson's journey to stardom. Additionally, it offers a digital vinyl b-side with two additional songs: “Michael the Lover” and “My Girl,” along with their unreleased stems.

There is also a limited edition, capped at 1,000 tokens and priced at $100. The limited edition collecitble encompasses all features of the open edition, paired with uniquely designed artwork and eight additional tracks from the Steeltown sessions, such as “We Don’t Have to Be Over 21 (To Fall in Love)” and “Under the Boardwalk,” alongside their exclusive stems.

🧐 Wait, What? 

anotherblock is a web3 musical collectibles platform, perhaps best known for its royalty drops featuring songs from Rihanna and Justin Bieber, among others. The Jackson 5 drop is merely a digital collectible, and does not provide any royalty payments. 

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