Jackson Pollock NFTs Raise Half a Million in 3 Days

Jackson Pollock NFTs Raise Half a Million in 3 Days

The Jackson Pollock Studio, in partnership with Iconic, has sold $525,000 worth of NFTs in three days from their "Beyond the Edge: The Jackson Pollock Studio Collection" project.

The Deets

  • The collection offers NFTs of sections from Pollock’s studio floor, each in editions of 125.
  • Jackson Pollock's studio floor became an unintentional canvas from 1946-1952, before being revealed in the 1980s.
  • Iconic and the Jackson Pollock Studio partnered to digitize and preserve the studio floor using AI tools.
  • 50% of primary sales and 5% of secondary sales proceeds will go towards the preservation of the studio.

The Bulk

"Beyond the Edge: The Jackson Pollock Studio Collection" is a unique collaboration between the renowned Jackson Pollock Studio and the digital art platform Iconic. The collection features NFTs of four distinct sections from Pollock’s studio floor, which unknowingly became an artistic canvas between 1946-1952.

The floor was revealed in the 1980s, unveiling an array of paint splashes and drips that correlated with Pollock’s influential works like Blue Poles and Convergence.

To transform the studio floor into NFTs, Iconic used advanced AI tools to stitch together hundreds of high-definition photos, creating an 800-gigabyte file. These NFTs, available in editions of 125, come with a physical print and serve as an access key to other collections developed in partnership with the Studio.

The NFTs rapidly sold out within three days, generating $525,000 in sales. Half of the proceeds from primary sales and 5 percent from secondary sales will be used to maintain and preserve the studio, ensuring that this historic site continues to inspire and educate.

❗Why It Matters

The success of "Beyond the Edge: The Jackson Pollock Studio Collection" signifies a meaningful shift in how we perceive, value, and preserve art.

The fusion of traditional art spaces with blockchain technology offers a novel approach to art preservation and engages a new audience in the appreciation of Jackson Pollock's influential work.

💰 Money Talks

On July 18, initial sales of these unique NFTs fetched $100,000. By July 20, the collection had sold out, amassing a total of $525,000.

This venture not only attests to the market's interest in iconic artists and their work but also demonstrates the potential of NFTs as a powerful tool for fundraising and preservation in the art sector.

🎤 Founder's Feedback

We really looked at this as an opportunity to bring the studio floor to life, to digitize the floor so that it would be preserved forever.Chris Cummings, CEO of Iconic

🔜 What's Next?

As part of their ongoing collaboration, Iconic and the Jackson Pollock Studio are planning to launch an NFT collection inspired by Pollock's work and an Ordinals version of the collection minted on Bitcoin. Proceeds will also contribute to maintaining the historic studio.

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