Jarritos Teases Upcoming NFT Project

Jarritos Teases Upcoming NFT Project

Jarritos, a soft drink distributor based in Mexico, announced it would soon be revealing the details of its upcoming project in a recent tweet from earlier this evening

While not much is known outside of the fact that the team said it is "almost time to share more details" the carbonated beverage producer has talked about joining the Web 3 space since June of 2022

However, around two weeks ago Jarritos said "imagine seeing your web3 brand on the front of our bottles...could be cool" potentially hinting that the company would be putting NFTs on its glass bottles.

Also in the tweet the team talked about if users needed an allowlist spot for the project, potenially implying that the future project will be using presale mechanics. 

Jarritos currently sports a Gutter Cat Gang NFT as its profile picture on Twitter. 

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