Jupiter to Launch WEN Memecoin on LFG Launchpad

Jupiter to Launch WEN Memecoin on LFG Launchpad

Jupiter announced the upcoming launch of $WEN, its community memecoin to help stresstest the LFG Launchpad in anticipation of the $JUP airdrop later this month.

The Deets

  • WEN: Made of five significant parts, including a poem, an NFT and a token.
  • Launch: Claim will open at Jan. 26 at 10:00 a.m. ET.
  • A Culture Coin: 70% of $WEN will be distributed to more 1 million wallets. 
  • The First LFG Launchpad Project: debuting as a beta project for wider accessibility and stress testing of the LFG Launchpad.

The Bulk

Jupiter aims to "immortalize WEN Culture," with its $WEN memecoin and beta project on the LFG Launchpad. The project began with "WEN: The Poem," written as a love letter to the crypto community, resonating with a wide array of enthusiasts, from serious investors to casual participants.

But participants will be mostly focused on the third pillar of WEN's launch "WEN: The Culture Coin," a memecoin based on the concept of fractionalizing a single NFT into a trillion pieces, democratizing ownership and reflecting the communal aspect of crypto culture.

$WEN will be distributed equally to more than one million different wallets, equivalent to 70% of the total supply. The other 30% of the supply will go to a launch pool as well as the WEN Treasury. 

Eligible claiming parties include Ovols NFT holders, Solana Mobile Saga Genesis token holders, users of Jupiter from the last six months, and holders of top Solana NFT collections. 

🎤 Founder Feedback


Last month, as a tribute to all the WEN bois in my discord, DMs and my face asking about wen airdrop and wen free token and wen I will do something, I did the only thing a rational highly stressed founder would do and wrote a love letter to all of them.Meow, Jupiter Founder

🔜 What's Next?

The project's launch on the LFG Launchpad will commence tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. ET. Users can explore the launchpad and see if they have an allocation of $WEN at lfg.jup.ag/wenThe eventual claim will remain open until Jan. 29 at 10:00 p.m. ET. 

🚨 Caution

Because of the wide distribution and anticipation of $WEN, it is likely malicious actors will try to trick hasty movers and claimers. Please refer to all links directly from Jupiter ahead of launch. 

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