Kamino Launches Season 2 of Points

Kamino Launches Season 2 of Points

Kamino launches Season 2 of its points program with enhanced rewards, loyalty boosts, and imminent $KMNO staking. 

The Deets

  • Season Span: 90 days of engagement following the $KMNO launch.
  • Loyalty Boosts: Up to 10% for continuous Season 1 participants.
  • $KMNO Staking: A new way to earn points, with details forthcoming.
  • Dual Points Week: Earn in both Season 1 and 2 until the Season 1 Snapshot on March 31.

The Bulk

As Kamino Finance is striding into Season 2 of its points prgoram and will soon introduce $KMNO staking. 

New loyalty boosts serve as a testament to Kamino's appreciation of its Season 1 users, offering up to a 10% boost for those who were active throughout the initial season, ensuring early supporters are recognized and rewarded more generously.

With the promise of new products on the horizon and the integration of $KMNO into the ecosystem, Kamino is gearing up for a season that not only broadens its product suite but also deepens user interaction with the platform. It will wrap the first season of points with a dual points week, allowing users to maximize their rewards and bridge Season 1 and Season 2 seamlessly.

🔜 What's Next?

In the weeks ahead, Kamino will unveil more details about $KMNO tokenomics and the Season 1 snapshot will take place on Mar. 31. 

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