Kingship Offers Limited Edition M&Ms

Kingship Offers Limited Edition M&Ms

In a partnership with candy company Mars, Kingship is selling limited edition M&Ms featuring the metaverse band made up of Bored Ape Yacht Club characters.

The candies feature Captain, KING, Arnell, and Hud, the four members of the group that Universal Music Group formed as part of its "next-gen" label 10:22PM back in November. Users can buy a limited edition Celebratory gift box for $59.99 (about 3,900 items available) or a gift jar for $39.99 (about 6,000 available). There was also a Kingship Limited Edition M&Ms Gold 100 gift box for sale for $99.99 but it sold out shortly after the link was posted to the Kingship Twitter account.

The idea came from Kingship's fictional rider, which includes five towels hung on bamboo and heated to precisely 32 degrees Celsius to one crystal singing bowl full of M&Ms along with the demand that they "MUST INCLUDE ALL COLORS."

The Kingship NFT floor price is 0.17 ETH. 

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