KOR Foundation Unveils New Entertainment Protocol

KOR Foundation Unveils New Entertainment Protocol

KOR Foundation is partnering with Animoca Brand's subsidiary, Pixelynx, to launch KOR Protocol, a platform reshaping intellectual property management across multiple sectors.

The Deets

  • Innovative Framework: KOR DNA integrates blockchain and AI to evolve IP into music, video, gaming, and more.
  • Launch Partners: Includes Animoca Brands, Pixelynx, Beatport, and more.
  • User Engagement: Supports UGC, AI Remixes, and interactive formats.
  • IP Management: Encodes, tracks, and manages IP with enhanced security and transparency.

The Bulk

KOR Foundation announced the launch of KOR Protocol, an entertainment protocol designed to revolutionize the management, protection, distribution, and monetization of intellectual property (IP) across various sectors. At the heart of this protocol is the KOR DNA framework, which leverages blockchain and AI to transform IP into diverse media formats, such as music, video, gaming, and beyond. This framework also facilitates  collaboration between creators, developers, and fans.

The protocol has secured partnerships with Animoca Brands, Pixelynx, Beatport, Endlesss, Smile Club (A Black Mirror Experience), Revelator Labs, mau5trap, Volta, Plastikman, Mintangible, and Seven20.

One of the initial applications launched on KOR Protocol is KORUS, a platform that empowers users to create songs, remixes, and music videos using musical content from established artists and labels. KORUS has already amassed over 250,000 registered users, showcasing the potential for widespread user engagement.

KOR Protocol's advanced tools support user-generated content (UGC), AI Remixes, and interactive formats, enabling dynamic user participation and transforming traditional media formats. By utilizing blockchain technology, KOR Protocol introduces transparent and efficient IP licensing models that streamline transactions and royalty distributions, with key integrations from Revelator Labs and the Beatport suite of products.

🎤 Founder Feedback

We believe in the vast potential of NFTs and blockchain in transforming the entertainment industry. KOR Protocol represents a leap forward in how creators can manage and monetize their IP, fostering a more collaborative and innovative ecosystem.Inder Phull, CEO of Pixelynx

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