Kreatorhood Launches Innovative Points System

Kreatorhood Launches Innovative Points System

Kreatorhood, an NFT marketplace, introduced a real-time points system for beta users, rewarding platform activity with exclusive benefits.

The Deets

  • Real-Time Points: Earned by listing, buying, and referring friends.
  • NFT and Social-fi Marketplace: For creators and traders in art, music, gaming, sports, and media.
  • On-Chain Utility: Including access, IP rights, and more.
  • Ethereum & Polygon Integration: Ensuring scalability and sustainability.

The Bulk

Kreatorhood is revolutionizing the NFT marketplace with its new points system. As a social-fi platform, it caters to various creative domains, allowing creators to mint NFTs with unique on-chain utilities. This includes rights like access and intellectual property control.

The platform's new Ethereum Improvement Proposals (EIPs) ensure full payment and protection of creator royalties. With the integration of Ethereum and Polygon, Kreatorhood balances scalability with environmental sustainability, catering to a vibrant community of creators.

The points system is designed to incentivize active participation. Users earn points through listing and buying collections, with purchases yielding double the points compared to listings. The points distribution also considers the volume and listing price relative to the market floor, as well as user referrals.

❗Why It Matters

Kreatorhood's points system represents a significant step in blending NFT trading with social finance, enhancing user engagement and potentially reshaping the dynamics of the NFT marketplace.

↩️ Back It Up

Kreatorhood isn't just another NFT marketplace. Its focus on social-fi elements and creator-centric features, like on-chain utility for NFTs, positions it uniquely in the digital asset space.

🎬 Take Action

Get involved in Kreatorhood's Season 1 of the points system and start earning points by listing, buying, and referring on Kreatorhood. Season 1 is limited to one month.

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