LaLiga Digital Collectibles Marketplace to Open Next Week

LaLiga Digital Collectibles Marketplace to Open Next Week

Dapper Labs' newest LaLiga Golazos digital collectibles marketplace is set to open next week on Nov. 28.

Collectors will be able to buy and sell their favorite LaLiga English Moments, or video snapshots of important and historic plays from the league.

The announcement also hinted at upcoming challenges, a common theme in Dapper Labs' platforms. Challenges allow collectors to complete specific tasks and earn new Moments for their participation.

Those interested can register for the platform here.

This new follows another big announcement from Dapper Labs yesterday. Collectors can now display their digital collectibles, or Moments, as social media avatars on Twitter, Facebook, and more.

To do so, log in to your Dapper account, select a Moment from your inventory, and click "Use as avatar."

For more information on how to do that, see Dapper's instructional video on Twitter here.

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