Ledger Adds Compatibility With MetaMask Mobile

Ledger Adds Compatibility With MetaMask Mobile

Ledger's latest update brings enhanced security to MetaMask Mobile users by enabling Ledger Nano X connections via Bluetooth.

The Deets

  • Enhanced Security: Connect Ledger Nano X with MetaMask Mobile for secure transactions.
  • Bluetooth Connectivity: Easy pairing process for seamless account management.
  • Single Account Sync: Initially, sync one Ledger account with MetaMask Mobile.
  • Broadened Accessibility: Ledger and MetaMask partnership enhances user experience and security.

The Bulk

For the first time, MetaMask Mobile users can pair their Ledger Nano X devices via Bluetooth, introducing a new layer of security to their mobile web3 activities. 

The process of connecting the Ledger Nano X to the MetaMask Mobile app is straightforward, designed with user convenience in mind. Users simply navigate to the accounts section within the app, select the option to add a hardware wallet, and follow the prompts to complete the Bluetooth pairing. 

However, it's important to note that this feature currently supports syncing one Ledger account with MetaMask Mobile at a time, and due to the Bluetooth requirement, the Ledger Nano S Plus is not compatible with this setup.

🎤 Platform Prose


MetaMask and Ledger are self-custody maxis, so it made sense for us to partner up and bring web3 users a great mix of smooth experience and best-in-class security.Carl Anderson, VP of Engineering at Ledger

🔜 What's Next?

The Ledger and MetaMask partnership is just the beginning of enhanced security features for mobile users. Future updates may include support for multiple account syncing and expanded device compatibility.

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