Lens Protocol Unveils Version 2

Lens Protocol Unveils Version 2

Lens Protocol announced the release of Lens V2, promising greater control to users and developers alongside new capabilities for web3 experiences.

The Deets

  • Open Actions: Allows for the integration of external web3 experiences, extending to cross-chain actions with oracle support
  • Collective Value Share: Promotes a new network effect that rewards contributors across the ecosystem
  • Improved Profile Manager: Offers enhanced security and flexibility to users
  • Improved composability showcased in unique feature allowing NFTs to own profiles and publish content

The Bulk

Lens Protocol, a decentralized platform that has become a launchpad for community-built social media applications, is stepping up its game with the release of Lens V2. 

The cornerstone of Lens V2 is the introduction of Open Actions. This tool allows users and developers to integrate their smart contracts and enable any external action on a Lens publication, even extending to cross-chain actions through oracle support. As such, a myriad of actions can be performed, from minting NFTs directly on Lens to joining DAOs or interacting with different platforms like Decentraland and Gitcoin through a Lens publication. 

Lens aims to create a "Collective Value Share," which creates a network effect that grows with each interaction. This model rewards individual contributors and networks alike for their positive input, establishing a symbiotic relationship within the ecosystem.

V2 also introduces an enhanced Profile Manager that bolsters user security. Users can store their profiles directly on hardware wallets and operate them with any other wallet. This change, coupled with the introduction of the Profile Guardian, greatly increases profile safety and minimizes the risk of phishing attacks.

A noteworthy shift is the New Follow Architecture. Unlike V1, where the 'follow' relationship was between a profile and a wallet, V2 transitions this relationship to exist between profiles. This modification means that all social actions occur between profiles, with the added benefit of being able to transfer handles without moving profiles.

ğŸŽ¤ Platform Prose

Lens V2 represents a significant stride in the evolution of web3 experiences, providing greater control to our users while encouraging a rewarding ecosystem.Lens

ğŸŽ¬ Take Action

For those eager to dive into the enhanced capabilities of Lens V2, join the early access waitlist on the Lens Protocol website.



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