Limit Break Rolls Out Blur, Seaport Protocol Competitor

Limit Break Rolls Out Blur, Seaport Protocol Competitor

Limit Break unveiled the Payment Processor, the first-ever NFT marketplace protocol fully compatible with ERC721-C and programmable royalties.

🧐 Wait, What?

Think of the Payment Processor as the backbone of a marketplace. It verifies, validates, and executes the trading of NFTs, ensuring that all parties involved receive their due proceeds - from the seller and marketplace to the creators getting their programmed royalties. This ushers in a new level of trust and transparency in the NFT marketplace ecosystem.

The Deets

  • The Payment Processor offers trust-less validation and execution of NFT trades, ensuring transparent payout of all seller, marketplace, and royalty proceeds.
  • Multi-Standard Support: It supports trades of any ERC721 or ERC1155 token, including native support for ERC721-C and programmable royalties.
  • Flexible Payment Methods: Payments can be made in native currency (ETH or equivalent) or any ERC20 token, with creators given the option to define approved payment methods.
  • Variety of Trade Types: Includes Single Listing, Bundled Listing, Collection Sweep, and more, catering to a wide range of trading styles.

The Bulk

Following the successful launch of ERC721-C, Limit Break is breaking new ground in the NFT space with the introduction of the Payment Processor. This audited marketplace protocol executes NFT trades securely, making it the world's first protocol that fully supports ERC721-C and programmable royalties according to EIP-2981.

The Payment Processor offers an array of trade types including Single Listings, Bundled Listings, Collection Sweeps, and more. It also supports multiple payment methods, giving creators the flexibility to choose native currency (ETH or equivalent) or any ERC20 token for their collections.

Furthermore, the Payment Processor also includes multiple security settings, giving creators control over aspects like exchange whitelists, payment method whitelists, pricing constraints, and more. This ensures a secure, flexible trading environment that prioritizes the needs of NFT creators.

📊 And the Winner Is....

To ensure a fair comparison with existing marketplace protocols, Limit Break benchmarked the Payment Processor against the Seaport and Blur exchange protocols. The benchmarks covered common trading styles like Single Listing, Bundled Listing, and Collection Sweep, across conditions like Native ETH Payment, No Fees, Marketplace-only Fees, and more. The results highlight the Payment Processor's efficiency and versatility. Full results can be found here

Payment Processor won each categroy in which it was compared, with the exception being "flexibility of trade execution logic and order complexity."  

🔜 What's Next?

Limit Break's Payment Processor is now available to all NFT exchanges, existing or new, looking to integrate programmable royalties into their order books. This avoids the need to invest time and resources into developing their own marketplace protocol contracts.

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