LooksRare Adds Conditional Listing to Its NFT Marketplace

LooksRare Adds Conditional Listing to Its NFT Marketplace

LooksRare added a conditional listing feature today to its NFT marketplace. Sellers can now list two NFTs for sale and instantly cancel the second sale when the first NFT sells.

"A conditional listing is a kind of custom order type, with a condition," LooksRare posted in its documentation. "In this case, the condition is 'One-Cancels-the-Other (OCO)': if one listing is executed (the item is sold), the other listing is canceled."

This new feature will help sellers who want to sell one of two items but do not want to sell both items. It will also help save sellers gas fees when canceling transactions because the new single transaction lists both NFTs and cancels the remaining NFT. 

For more information about this new feature, including the most frequently asked questions, see LooksRare's blog post here.

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