LooksRare Enables Discord Notifications

LooksRare Enables Discord Notifications

LooksRare announced users can now create wallet tracking alerts and other notifications via its new LooksRare Notifications Discord. 

The NFT marketplace is exploring other options for notifications, but at the present time, users will need to utilize Discord to configure notifications. 

To start, interested parties will need to join the LooksRare Notifications Discord. After joining the Discord server, users can follow the instructions outlined by LooksRare to get notifications. Users can configure these alerts to trigger in their own Discord server, but still need to join the LooksRare Notifications Discord first. 

Notifications and alerts that will be available include:

  • Alerts when particular wallets or accounts have activity
  • Alerts when select offers are received
  • Alerts for NFT listings 
  • and more...

The notification announcement comes just a day after LooksRare announced improvements to the user interface of its NFT marketplace

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