LooksRare Enters Gems Season 4

LooksRare Enters Gems Season 4

LooksRare overhauled the Gem earning mechanisms in Season 4, with a pivot towards YOLO gameplay and raffle participation.

The Deets

  • No more Gems for low listings on LooksRare.
  • Gem earnings now depend on YOLO gameplay and entering LooksRare Raffles.
  • There's a total of 2,000,000 $LOOKS up for grabs in Season 4's Airdrop.
  • Season 4 started on October 31 at 14:00 UTC and will continue for four weeks.

The Bulk

Season 4 of LooksRare is here, and it's bringing a major shift in the way users earn Gems. Gone are the days where listing lower on LooksRare would fetch you Gems. While Daily Quests, Milestones, and gm streaks still exist, they revolve around different objectives this time.

For those eager to earn Gems, the spotlight is on YOLO and participating in raffles on LooksRare. Activities such as being the first to throw ETH/LOOKS/NFTs into a YOLO pot, winning YOLO rounds, and entering LooksRare Raffles will be your ticket to Gem rewards. To help users understand the new system better, detailed documentation has been provided. And for those who like to be ahead of the game, participating early in YOLO rounds can greatly amplify Gem rewards.

The stakes are high this season with a whopping 2,000,000 LOOKS up for grabs in the Airdrop rewards. And for those who have unclaimed Airdrop allocations from Season 3, the clock is ticking. Claims can be made until the end of Season 4.

🧐 Wait, What?

YOLO is a game element introduced in LooksRare where users can throw in assets like ETH, LOOKS, or NFTs for a chance to earn rewards. The earlier you participate in a YOLO round, the better your rewards.

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