LooksRare Unveils SZN 3 Rewards

LooksRare Unveils SZN 3 Rewards

LooksRare is launching its third season (SZN 3) with 1,000,000 (~$50,000) $LOOKS available in airdrop rewards.

The Deets

  • SZN 3 Duration: Starts today, August 16, and ends on October 16.
  • Unclaimed Airdrops: Rewards from Season Two can be claimed throughout SZN 3 via the Rewards Hub.
  • Daily Quests: New feature requiring users to complete daily tasks to earn more Gems.
  • Gem Allocation: Rewards are distributed based on individual Gem holdings in comparison to the total number of Gems.

The Bulk

LooksRare announced the onset of its third rewards season. Set to span over eight weeks, the season has a range of features and rewards awaiting users.

One of the main highlights of SZN 3 is the airdrop rewards, set at approximately $50,000 or 1,000,000 $LOOKS. The share each user receives will be based on the number of Gems they hold at the end of the season. For instance, if you have 10% of the total Gem supply, you'd be eligible for 10% of the airdrop, translating to 100,000 $LOOKS.

Furthermore, any unclaimed airdrop allocation from Season Two can be claimed throughout the third season. Users are encouraged to check their rewards through the Rewards Hub on the platform.

In Season 3, LooksRare is introducing Daily Quests. Users need to complete these tasks every day to add more Gems to their stash. In addition to listing low to gain Gems, enthusiasts can also press the gm button daily for increasing rewards, complete specific Missions for a Gem bonus, and achieve Milestones, with 10 new levels added this season.

🎬 Take Action

To maximize your potential rewards, engage with the platform by completing Daily Quests, listing items, and participating in the various activities provided by LooksRare.

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