Louis Vuitton Treasure Trunks Coming

Louis Vuitton Treasure Trunks Coming

Louis Vuitton is introducing its new collection of phygital "Treasure Trunks" as NFTs, offering access to future products, experiences, and a community of fellow holders according to a report from Vogue Business.

The Deets

  • "Treasure Trunks": NFTs providing access to exclusive products and experiences
  • Each trunk costs €39,000 (~$41,600) with only several hundred available
  • The launch is part of the "Via" project, aiming to create an elite pathway to exclusive offerings
  • Louis Vuitton emphasizes long-term community value and unique access for holders 

The Bulk

The Treasure Trunks collection is priced at around $41,600 per trunk and only a few hundred will be available for purchase as LV leans into exclusivity as part of its luxury drop. 

The drop is part of a larger projet called "Via" which will ultimately unlock additional experiences and exclusive offerings down the "road." 

Each trunk acts as a "soulbound token" and cannot be traded or transferred after purchase. Over time, keys will be dropped to holders to open up the aforementioned exclusive benefits and experiences. 

ğŸŽ¤ Project Prose

It can undoubtedly have a positive impact — if it is well done — on the activity of the brands, but it is not our objective to sell virtual sneakers at €10. We are not interested in that.Bernard Arnault

❗️Why It Matters

The above quote, which Vogue Business pulled from a recent earnings call, speaks volumes about LV's understanding of its demographic and the move forward in web3. Web3 has proven that individuals are willing to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for digital objects. Given all the brand equity and hard work which was undertaken to build Louis Vuitton into a luxury brand...why settle for anything less than luxury in digital objects? There's no need to sell virtual sneakers for $10. 


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