Machi Drops Defamation Lawsuit

Machi Drops Defamation Lawsuit

Machi Big Brother announced he is discontinuing his defamation lawsuit against ZachXBT, citing positive contributions by Zach to the crypto community.

The Deets

  • Reason for Withdrawal: Zach’s valuable service to the crypto community.
  • Amendments: Zach made necessary changes to his contentious article.
  • Resolution: Both parties have agreed to move forward amicably.

The Bulk

Machi Big Brother, a prominent personality and trader in NFTs, announced a significant decision to withdraw his defamation lawsuit against Zachxbt. 

The lawsuit was filed approximately two months ago, alleged that Zach caused irreparable harm to Machi's reputation as a result of an article written by the blockchain researcher. A significant outpouring of support defending Zach came from the web3 community at the time of the announcement, culminating in funds being donated for his legal defense.

However, now Machi is dropping the lawsuit, recognizing the pivotal role Zach plays in the space. 

As part of the dropped suit, Zach made amendments to the article that had been the crux of their disagreement. This revision played a crucial role in diffusing the situation. Both parties have now come to a mutual understanding, deciding to put this matter behind them and move forward positively.

🎤 Community Quotes

I am withdrawing my defamation suit against Zachxbt. Zach has many times in the past been of great service to the crypto community and pursuing legal action against him was a last resort but not the right path.Machi Big Brother

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