Magic Eden Adds Bitcoin Domain Inscription

Magic Eden Adds Bitcoin Domain Inscription

Magic Eden now permits the self-inscription of names of select domains on its Bitcoin platform. 

The Deets

  • Inscription process: Navigate to Wallet -> Inscribe Ordinals -> Start Inscribing
  • 1.5% of total inscription fees will be donated to the Ordinals Protocol team
  • Domains available for trade include .sats, .magic, .btc, .xbt, .gm, and more
  • The project is still in the experimental phase; users are advised to DYOR and cross verify data

The Bulk

In a bid to grow and cater to the increasing demands of Bitcoin blcokchain functionality Magic Eden unlocked the capability for users to inscribe names on enabled domains. This new feature brings a layer of customization and personal ownership to users' digital assets.

To start the inscription process, users need to navigate to their Wallet, then to the 'Inscribe Ordinals' option and begin the inscription. Notably, a contribution of 1.5% from the total inscription fee will be directed towards the Ordinals Protocol team to support their continued efforts.

Numerous domain names like .sats, .magic, .btc, .xbt, .gm, among others, are now available for trading on their respective collection pages. However, Magic Eden stresses that the project is still in the experimental phase and advises users to conduct their own research and cross verify data before investing.

❗Why It Matters

Web3 wants to participate on Bitcoin, and Magic Eden is among those leading the charge at making it safer, easier, and cheaper. It's unlikely that an "ENS bubble" will grow like it did on ETH, but nevertheless, domains are available for inscribing on Bitcoin. 

🎬 Take Action 

Users can start inscribing or purchasing names on the secondary market on Magic Eden's Bitcoin platform. 

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