Magic Eden Adds Sweep Functionality

Magic Eden Adds Sweep Functionality

Magic Eden announced it added the ability to sweep, or purchase more than one NFT at a time, directly on its Solana NFT marketplace. 

The bulk sweep function will allow Magic Eden users to purchase up to 50 NFTs in one transaction. 

A demonstration of the sweeping function was shared via the official Magic Eden Twitter. 

Sweeping the floor has become a common NFT vernacular, popularized after NFT marketplace aggregators Gem and Genie made it possible to do so. Gem and Genie were both recently acquired by OpenSea and Uniswap, respectively. At present time, neither Gem nor Genie allow users to sweep NFTs on the Solana blockchain. 

The bulk sweep functionality can be found inside the NFT collection exploration view on Magic Eden's marketplace. 



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