Magic Eden Adds Whitelist Feature for Creators

Magic Eden Adds Whitelist Feature for Creators

Magic Eden is adding a new whitelist feature to its NFT platform, which allows creators to generate a whitelist for free when submitting a listing application, according to a recent tweet.

The list is called the Magic Eden List, and it allows certain whitelisted crypto address to mint the project based on various, customizable criteria.

"Would you like to create a whitelist for [Insert Project Name]?," the prompt reads. "Using Magic Eden List, you can create a whitelist to collect wallet addresses using various criteria for your project. This can also be done later."

The dashboard for creators can be found here.

Whitelists are an important way to keep bots and other bad actors out of highly-anticipated mints. It involves complicated development work to build, and now creators don't have to worry about it when launching their project on Magic Eden.

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