Magic Eden ApeCoin Proposal Struggles

Magic Eden ApeCoin Proposal Struggles

Late last night, voting began on the Magic Eden ApeCoin proposal AIP-93 which stated the team's plans to build "a low-fee marketplace for apes, by apes, powered by ApeCoin and run on the 51 domain."

The proposal by the notable Solana NFT marketplace has not been well received by voters within the DAO as at the time of writing almost 70 percent of the 440,000 votes have been against Magic Eden's proposal. 

Certain DAO members such as GeekApe have questioned Magic Eden saying "thanks for the proposal. I do see how this would benefit the DAO, however, since you are proposing to build this for free, what are we voting for and what is your specific ask from the DAO?" To which Magic Eden repsonded "our specific ask for the DAO is to have our proposed whitelabel marketplace live on the ApeCoin DAO domain."

Despite the votes, there are DAO members such as RedVulkan who seem to like the proposal saying "Lots to like with this proposal! Really like the current Magic Eden marketplace. Excited to see what can be built for Apes."

Voting for the proposal is set to close on September, 21, 2022, at 9:00 p.m. ET.

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