Magic Eden Dropping Tokenized Pokémon Cards

Magic Eden Dropping Tokenized Pokémon Cards

Magic Eden is introducing tokenized digital collectibles with the debut of 100 Pokemon cards on October 18 in collaboration with Collector, an RWA company based on Solana. 

The Deets

  • First drop features rare Pokemon cards like 2000's Blaine's Charizard.
  • All cards are 100% physically backed and redeemable.
  • Cards will be minted unrevealed with secondary trading enabled.
  • Collectors can engage pre and post card reveal.

The Bulk

Magic Eden becomes one of the most notable marketplaces to offer RWAs, or real-world assets tokenized on the blockchain. The first drop, slated for October 18, is spearheaded by Solana-based company, Collector, and will showcase a collection of 100 iconic Pokemon cards. The highlight includes revered cards such as the 2000 Pokemon Gym Challenge 1st Edition Holo Blaine’s Charizard No. 2 and the 2007 Pokemon Ex Power Keepers, Gold Star No. 100 Flareon-Holo.

Ensuring authenticity and real-world value, each card is 100% physically backed. Collectors can redeem their digital token for the actual physical card. This approach intertwines the physical and digital collectible worlds, offering a unique collecting experience.

The cards will be minted in an unrevealed state, adding the "reveal lottery" component NFT collectors are familiar with. 

🖼️ The Big Picture

This initiative by Magic Eden could push other notable marketplaces to adopt some plans or features for RWAs. 

🎤 Community Quotes

This is freaking cool!!! Pokemon on chain!!!YellowPanther

🎬 Take Action

Looking to add a tokenized Pokemon card to your collection? Mark your calendar for October 18 and be ready to catch 'em all on Magic Eden.

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