Magic Eden Has Begun Refunds for Degentown Wallet Drain

Magic Eden Has Begun Refunds for Degentown Wallet Drain

Magic Eden has begun the refund process for wallets that were affected in a July 2022 incident with the Solana NFT project, Degentown. 

All wallets that were affected by the wallet drain in or around the four-week period starting July 9, 2022, will be compensated in SOL based on the amount of SOL held in the wallet, the average floor price of NFTs held and taken from the wallet and the value of the SPL tokens (in SOL) that were held by the wallet.

Given the complexity of the issue, Magic Eden is aware that this set of refunds is unlikely to be a complete list of affected wallets. 

"We consider this Phase 1 of the refund, and based on our investigation we believe most of the drained wallets have already been included. However, data sets as large as this are prone to errors, we may have not located all the wallets affected by the drain, and some of the refunds themselves may have encountered transaction errors," reads the FAQ section of the Magic Eden help documentation

Have any questions about the refund? You can chat with a Magic Eden representative directly via the site's chat. Select the Degentown Refund option to direct your chat appropriately.



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