Magic Eden Launches New Cross-Chain Rewards System

Magic Eden Launches New Cross-Chain Rewards System

Magic Eden is launching a new cross-chain NFT rewards program, rewarding its community from past to future activities across multiple blockchains. 

The Deets

  • Cross-chain rewards, starting with Solana
  • Retroactive Diamond Drop for Solana OGs dating back to 2021
  • Inclusion of Magic Ticket owners in the rewards program
  • Future integration with Magic Eden Wallet for earning rewards

The Bulk

Magic Eden is setting a new standard with the introduction of its cross-chain rewards program. Designed to acknowledge and reward the loyalty and engagement of its community, the program is a testament to Magic Eden's commitment to creators, collectors, and enthusiasts across various blockchain platforms.

Initiating with Solana, Magic Eden is implementing a retroactive Diamond Drop, rewarding activities dating back to 2021. This gesture not only recognizes the early supporters but also solidifies the platform's dedication to honoring its history and community, which started with Solana NFT trading. 

As Magic Eden ventures deeper into Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Polygon, the rewards program is set to expand, honoring past, present, and future activities. 

The impending launch of the Magic Eden Wallet, with integrated rewards functionality, marks another milestone. This integration promises a seamless experience for users across blockchains, enabling them to earn Diamonds, the program's reward currency, directly through in-wallet.

Last but not least, the platform is looking to incorporate Magic Ticket NFTs into the rewards system, but cautioned against speculating on the assets. Amidst yesterday's Non-Fungible DAO news, Magic Tickets jumped considerably and they've reiginited since this latest announcement to 5.38 SOL. 

🎤 Platform Prose

Over the next few months, we’ll be bringing our rewards program cross chain. Great news is we’ll honor past, present and future activity on our marketplaces across Solana, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Polygon.Magic Eden

🔜 What's Next?

Magic Eden will conduct the retroactive Diamond Drop to Solana traders on Feb. 2. 

 📊 Take Action 

Users can learn more about Magic Eden's rewards and explore ways to earn more now

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