Magic Eden Rolls Out Lucky Buy

Magic Eden Rolls Out Lucky Buy
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Magic Eden rolls out Lucky Buy, a feature that lets you buy NFTs for a fraction of their original price while adding a sprinkle of excitement to the transaction.

The Deets

  • What It Is: Lucky Buy lets you purchase select NFTs at a variable percentage of their listed price.
  • How It Works: Your chances of winning are directly tied to the percentage of the NFT's price you commit to paying.
  • Win-Win Scenario: Everyone wins something! If you don’t get the NFT, you still receive diamonds.
  • Fee Structure: Participating in Lucky Buy comes with a 3% fee, distributed among the creators, sellers, and Magic Eden.

The Bulk

Magic Eden is adding a layer of thrill to your shopping experience with its latest feature, Lucky Buy. This isn’t your regular Buy button; it’s an advanced purchase method that ties in the element of luck.

How does it work? Simple. For select NFTs adorned with a 🍀 symbol, you can choose the percentage of the listed price you’re willing to pay. For instance, if the NFT is listed at 100 SOL, you could opt to pay 15 SOL. This 15 SOL corresponds to a 15% chance of winning the NFT.

Once you're set, clicking on the “Lucky Buy” button opens a modal, and you go through the motions, culminating in a transaction confirmation from your connected wallet. And guess what? Even if you lose, you still win diamonds. It’s a win-win for everyone!

The feature is launching with Degen Ape Academy, one of the first notable NFT collections on Solana. 

💰 Money Talks

Magic Eden takes a 3% fee for every Lucky Buy transaction. It's divided as follows: 1% for the creator, 1% for the seller, and 1% for Magic Eden itself. This could signal a growing revenue stream for the platform and its users.

ğŸŽ¬ Take Action

Feel the need to spice up your NFT shopping experience? Keep an eye out for NFTs with the 🍀 symbol on Magic Eden and give Lucky Buy a spin!

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