Memeland Partners With Prysm's NFT Group Ownership Platform

Memeland Partners With Prysm's NFT Group Ownership Platform

Memeland announced its newest partnership with Prysm, a web3 platform for collective NFT ownership, and is launching a free mint for the occasion.

"At Memeland, we understand that not everyone has the resources to buy NFTs by themselves," the team wrote on Twitter. "We are working with Prysm to launch a free mint that enables our community to easily pool money, buy NFTs, and win together."

The Prysm team will join the Memeland Town Hall tomorrow, Aug. 26, at 12 p.m. ET to talk about the partnership.

Prysm's goal is to turn group chats into simple DAOs, where participants can gather friends, pool money, and collect NFTs as a team.

To do this, the creator of the "squad," or group of collectors pooling resources together, connects their wallet and names the squad. Adding friends is as simple as copy and pasting their wallet addresses into the Members section of Prysm's website. Then, the squad leader sets the signer threshold, which is how many people must approve a transaction for it to go through.

The squad page shows the team's net worth, active proposals, the squad's current NFTs dispalyed in a gallery, a complete transaction history, and more.

Prysm also has a fundraising feature to support DAOs that pool together resources to support certain NFT projects or artists. Raising funds gives those outside the squad, or DAO, ownership stake in the teams' assets.

More information about Prysm is available on YouTube here.

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