Memeland Shares Updates on $MEME, Stakeland

Memeland Shares Updates on $MEME, Stakeland

Ray Chan, the Memeland CEO, announced updates and future plans for $MEME farming, and Stakeland yesterday. 

The Deets

  • Farming Season 1 concluding, with rewards for honest farmers
  • Anti-bot measures: Proof of MEME and CAPTCHA tests
  • Plans for Memecoin, including collaboration with STAKELAND
  • Memeland's strategic objectives outlined for the near future

The Bulk

The CEO of Memeland took to Discord to share updates on $MEME, the token central to Memeland's ecosystem. Announced on the 69th day since its launch the updates outline the close of Farming Season 1. 

Significant anti-bot measures have been introduced to ensure fairness in $MEME reward distribution, including holding a minimum of 69 $MEME  (~$2) and passing dual CAPTCHA tests in order to claim farming points.

Chan also hinted at exciting upcoming projects with STAKELAND and discussed strategic objectives for Memeland.

These include product launches, event participation, NFT updates, new integrations, and merchandise collaborations. 

📊  By the Numbers

$MEME is down 5% in the last 24 hours to $0.025. 

Founder Feedback

Every real Memeland supporter knows we consistently reward LOYALTY, PATIENCE, and TRUST. It's funny (and sad) to see many bullies impatiently trashing and harassing our team, our holders, and me on social media. I would be rich AF if I got 69 $ for every death threat or curse I received. My family would have died more than 6,900 times if those curses actually work. To all the bullies, "GOD BLESS YOU! YOU NEED HELP."" source="

🎬 Take Action

Those that farmed $MEME have just under six days to link their wallets and prove ownership of $MEME. 

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